Title: Unwritten

Text type: Song

Artist: Natasha Bedingfield

In 2004 Natasha Bedingfield released her third single that quickly became the theme song for US reality tv show, The Hills, and reached fifth on The Billboard Hot 100. This song was Unwritten. The song shares the message of living life how you want, living it to the fullest and going with the flow. Natasha described it her self that the song is about “just not worrying”. For me, it’s about how your life is theoretically ‘unwritten’ until you start writing the pages how you want and how you can write tomorrow in your own words, how you want it to be, so stop over thinking.

This song carries a lot of memories with it for me. I first noticed it last year (2016) when it was turned into a meme that one of my friends and I watched together. From this, it has now turned in to a private joke, and it’s ‘our’ song. Personally, this song holds good times with it, but until I actually listened to the words, and really took them in, I didn’t realise maybe this is why I liked the song. I do have to admit this is not the kinda song I would usually listen to, so was surprised when I felt like it connected to me, but maybe, along with the memories I hold with it, that’s the reason I like it, it is different from normality and sends me a message I really need to remember.

The message of “just not worrying” is one that I need to be constantly reminded of. I stress about everything and don’t know anyone that over thinks situations more than my self. When listening to this song it reminds me to, in Natasha’s words, “Release your inhibitions, Feel the rain on your skin”. Just take a break and really appreciate the small things around you, feel what it actually feels like to have the rainfall on you and experience things without worry. “No one else can feel it for you”. She explains that “We’ve been conditioned to not make mistakes” which is so true. We are expected to be perfect human beings to one another and to portray ourselves as flawless. We are humans. We are programmed to make mistakes, and that’s okay but hard to remember when you are trying so hard to get it right. which is an important message this song broadcasts.

The track is rhythmic and light. The melody is fun and uplifting and it’s one of those songs that just put you in a good mood. It really does make you “release your inhibitions”. It’s a feel-good song that carries a great message behind it.

It can also be related to Corinne Bailey Rae’s song, Put Your Records On. This song is all about letting “your hair down”. Both artists are communicating the message of stopping, pausing and really enjoying life. Being in the moment; this moment. Both recognising that yes we all make mistakes with Corinne stating “Maybe sometimes we got it wrong, but its all right”, and Natasha saying “We’ve been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I cant live that way”. Both these lines communicating the same message of it being okay to make mistakes, because it is going to happen but don’t break a sweat over it, it really doesn’t matter. They then both go on to the importance of relaxing and taking time out. Corinne sings: “Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song, you go ahead, let your hair down”. These two lines transmit to the listener that sometimes we need to block the rest of the world out, put our favourite songs on and chill out. This message is also said in Unwritten with the phrase “Release your inhibitions, Feel the rain on your skin”. Both of these song sharing the same messages linking back to each other.

I feel like this song speaks to me on a personal level. It shares all the main messages I need to remember and gives perspective on how to live a great life. From hearing it once you can tell its a fun, cheerful song, but by really diving into it you uncover great meaning and a recipe to have a happy life. Because maybe sometimes, we all need to be told to “feel the rain on your skin”.


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