14th February 2017

Transcript – Bella

Bella: Omg, it’s sooooo cooold

Jessie: And it’s in the middle of summer, I want to go skiing

Bella: Yes, me to, why is it cold in summer, but you can’t ski? Haha I mean, there’s snow on the mountains they should just open the ski fields

Jessie: We should just go up there is the weekend

Bella: We should

Jessie: Hike?

Bella: Do you rekon we could?

Jessie: Probably could

Bella: Yeah

Jessie: I don’t know how we’d get up there, but you know

Bella: Yeah maybe we could ask my parents, I mean we could hike up. I’ll take my skis outta the garage

Jessie: Lets do it

Bella: we’ll talk about it tonight

Jessie: K, sweet

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